Report on the decline of the New Mass in Latin in the U.S.
Peter Karl T. Perkins had this to say on Rorate Caeli blog, in the comments for his article:

"...I remind people of this: some conservative bishops are against us, while some liberal bishops are tolerant of us. A conservative is emphatically NOT a traditionalist. We and the conservatives are two very different camps in the Church. In some ways, liberal bishops are more friendly to us than are conservatives. It may be because they don't see us as a threat. Conservatives dislike us because they fear our views might be ascribed to them. They want to position themselves as the 'moderates' of a new pontificate.

Conservative organisations in the Church have also been against traditionalists on the whole. Good examples are Opus Dei and the Legionaries of Christ. As for the first, I regard them as creepy compromisers and don't want anything to do with them. As for the second, well, who wants to be connected to *them* after the Marciel Marsupial incident?"

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