Report on the decline of the New Mass in Latin in the U.S.
(07-20-2010, 03:41 PM)Tulkas Wrote: I wonder what this means for Opus Dei, since this is usually the mass they celebrate.

Peter Karl T. Perkins had this to say about Opus Dei on Rorate Caeli blog, in the comments for his article:

"On Opus Dei, it has for a long time now forbidden the T.L.M. 'with extreme prejudice'. Why so? Why has it done this? The answer is simple: it wants power. You can't have power in the Church unless you 'play ball'l with the local bishops. So Opus Dei gave up the most important thing of all in order to preserve lesser things, for the T.L.M. cannot be separated from the Faith that is enshrined and celebrated in it. They gave up the Mass for the order and vestments and music that accompany the Traditional Mass. They threw out the baby and kept the bathwater.

I've heard stories from the past about how severely punished were those among their priests who dared to offer the T.L.M. Opus Dei will do what it takes to gain power and advance its 'conservative' agenda. But conservatives are not traditionalists; conservatives are only liberals in slow motion, just as fascists and communists are both condemned by God, for both are socialists."

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