The fruits of VII: Who cares what the Church teaches
The "pill" is at the center of this. It is the cause of divorce and abortion, and pornography's and homosexuality's ascent . Pope Paul VI warned us about that when Humanae Vitae was released. It is also the reason for the rise in spousal abuse, which is epidemic. Ted Kennedy's Jesuit Theologians thought up the reasoning around this Teaching, and Patrick Moynihan, one of the smartest men I ever saw, pushed the Democratic Party into full support for abortion on it's ability as negative eugenics, in reducing "un-wanted children" among the poor. This is the problem in the reasoning for blaming this entirely on Vatican II. It took the secular society to get behind these evils. It was a pincer attack by the Adversary. It is also simplistic to blame the secular socirty solely. This is the reason the "PRO-LIFE" movement gets nowhere. They have a uni-dimensional  myopic view of a problem which is a multi-headed hydra.  If we are to succeed  we must put down our sloganeering and analyze the problem from all sides realizing when we squeeze on one end of this sausage it expands in another. While the party of death is the greatest promoter of death, the republicans are, wink and a nod, colluding in this moral quagmire. Do not kid yourselves this is racism pure and simple. And racism could be key to getting rid of it. The liberal and neo-cons Catholics are ultra sensitive to any allegations of even the most remote possibility of racism, and are quick, like the speed of light, to condemn it. That could be turned against them where these exercises of re-hashing positions which have only some of the reasons for this moral mess, only serves to piss them off. Priests do not preach the fifth commandment because they fear the Churches emptying of the few left. Kumbyah y'all ! Check mate ! They are smarter and they have out foxed us all, y'all.

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