The fruits of VII: Who cares what the Church teaches
Walty, I found out from a Chicago History Web Site that the original Mayor Daley was double crossed by the downstate pols. He had certain men of his in the Legislature and when it came to legislating around the pill, Chicago was always exempt. Then they double crossed him and legalized it's sale in Chicago in 1964-1965. I also found that Chicagoans of African descent prior to the legalization had less out of wedlock births than their European descent neighbors. The complication which sent it over the edge was we ran out of jobs for the emigres coming from the south, after reading the Daily Defender published here, to start new lives. As they kept coming and without jobs and the family still down in the south this exploded. Catholics at this time were in lock step with mayor Daley. Chicago was very Catholic then, but further defined by nationalities, neighborhoods and Churches.  Many thought him a phony but no one could out Catholic Da Mayor. All the major channels covered him at Sunday mass, stations of the cross, first communions, confirmations, funerals, and his example led all the other Catholic pols to try to have them and their families covered at their respective Churches. No matter if you were caught with your fingers in the till, you practiced Catholicism. One might say they were insincere but objectively speaking they set the example. It is curious to note the coincidence of the 1964-1965 pill legalization and the Mass of Paul VI of the same time. This is why I see this as a pincer movement of the Adversary. Then follows the NY state push to legalize abortion which ends in Roe v Wade, Teddys theologian's excuses and Patrick Moynihan abandonment of morals, and it only serves to fuel my tin foil hat brain.
ps This is about Chicago, other cities have other stories but I'd bet there are similarities nation wide.

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