The fruits of VII: Who cares what the Church teaches
Walty, I forgot to work this in, but this is way important, mea culpa. The Encyclical Humanae Vitae was released in 1968. The entire Church was primed and waiting. The forces of evil had spread abroad that Pope Paul VI would probably liberalize the teaching. To say it was much anticipated is understatement. Around it swirled the beginning of the world over population hoax and the eventual starving of the entire third world, all of India, China, Latin America (old term),everyone behind the Iron Curtain at the hands of the godless commies. You get the idea it was tense and it was propaganda to the max. So when it was not the liberalization as expected the rest with Teddy's theologians and Patrick Moynihan followed. An anecdote is another Catholic Politician Intellectual Mario Cuomo was in NY and he provided cover for disobedience from Thomas Aquinas which made him sound way smart to the average joe. When this is all added together I can see how it wasn't human intellect behind this it was praeternatural. We ain't that smart to bring all of these disparate motions to come to bear in a suceeding blows like this. My motto "God severely  limited our intelligence after the fall but He put no restrictions whatsoever on our stupidity."

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