The fruits of VII: Who cares what the Church teaches
(07-22-2010, 08:24 PM)Walty Wrote: I understand the history behind population control. My point is that it shouldn't have ever become an internal struggle within the Church. The seaping in of heresy which allowed for theologians and prelates to dissent from traditional morality and strict adherence to both tradition and authority is, in my opinion, a direct result of the opening of the gates of the Church, so to speak, to modern thought.

Naturaly the truth as always is complex, and between dialectic opposites.

In the winter of 1942-1943 over 2 million German troops died, because Hitler forced them to stay until the last man, in their posts. The generals wanted to retreat and save their people, calling that the reality requires compromises.  Hitler did not let them.

You are right that there was no internal struggle whithin the Church about the sexual issues. Until the 17th Century the Catholics where quite lenient, like the Old Testament suggest, and the protestants were significantly more strict about the sexuality. Then the protestants get laxer and the Catholics stricter, but nobody questioned it, becose every drop of seed was necessary for the survival of the humanity.

By the end of the 19th cnetury the basic principle (every drop of seed is necessary for the survival) changed; but the Church kept the prescriptive moral unchanged in the significantly different environment, and what was really wrong, w/o emphasizing the primary goal, the at least three children per Catholic families, and to keep together the family for the interest of the children.

We had to face the fact that the Catholics left the Church not due to the New Mass, most of them did not even noticed the change, but to the rules which required heroism  just for the shake of the rules, w/o any goal. The heroism itself is nothing, God expect goals; the valued procreation, keeping the family together

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