The fruits of VII: Who cares what the Church teaches
Laszlo said;

"You are right that there was no internal struggle whithin the Church about the sexual issues. Until the 17th Century the Catholics where quite lenient, like the Old Testament suggest, and the protestants were significantly more strict about the sexuality. Then the protestants get laxer and the Catholics stricter, but nobody questioned it, becose every drop of seed was necessary for the survival of the humanity. "

Could you expand on the leniency in the Church toward sexual sins ? I don't recall being told about this. I helped my nephew when he was in college and on some source material written by a feminist  she explained that the Church changed fornication from a venial sin to a mortal, where she then launched into her skewed vision of the subject. I checked and found no such thing, and warned my nephew she was dead wrong about it being venial.. So, I'm concerned that I was mistaken.

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