Plenary indulgence at Antioch -- request for info
Hi, all,

An archeologist friend of mine is over in the Middle East right now and sent me the following Facebook message:

"I have 2 questions for you: 1) In 1967, Pope Paul VI held a mass at the Grotto of St. Peter in Antakya (the first ever Christian church), and declared that all pilgrims to the site would receive a plenary indulgence. However, I can't find the on any list of currently valid plenary indulgences. What gives? and 2) If one is unable to make it to a Catholic church for 8 days after performing your pilgrimage (due to being in the middle of nowhere in a primarily Islamic nation), in order to receive Communion and make your Confession, will the indulgence still be valid?"

What's the deal?  First, does anyone know if the plenary indulgence for the Grotto of St. Peter in Antioch (aka Antakya) is still valid?  Secondly, do you still get an indulgence if you do your best to find the Sacraments but can't because you're in Mohammedanisticaldom?  Thanks!  Remember, eons in Purgatory may hang in the balance here!
I think the new rule is you have twenty days to go before the indulgence becomes partial or nothing
Yes, she found out about the 20 day limit on her own.  Thanks, though.  What about the plenary indulgence at Antioch? 

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