Father Andrew Greeley is in Fair Condition
(07-25-2010, 02:37 PM)JayneK Wrote:
(07-25-2010, 11:51 AM)i.p.i. Wrote: i'm not a fan of fr. greeley's, have never read one of his novels, but i don't know the man, don't know that he's not chaste, never even heard innuendo that he was homosexual. 

While I don't know anything for certain, based on the sex scenes in his novels, I am reasonably sure that this man is chaste and has never had sex in his life.   :P

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:  wise words from a mother of ten -- who has had sex at least ten times! 
[a woman i know explained the facts of life to her middle son and he replied, with a look of horror, 'so you and dad did that three times?'  :laughing:

(07-25-2010, 07:00 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: Health update 03/17/10 from downtown Chicago
Father Andrew Greeley and family wish to express their profound gratitude to all who have kept him in their prayers. On his behalf, we ask for your continued prayers for him and for all victims of traumatic brain injury and their families.

We express our thanks to the skilled medical personnel, caregivers, and rehabilitation therapists who have cared for and encouraged him during this difficult time. We will continue to work so that, in spite of his injury, he can enjoy a quality of life in keeping with his imagination, intelligence, and service to his Church and community.

Through the years, we have observed first hand his deep commitment to his friends, academic colleagues, readers, fellow priests, and parishioners. We know that Fr. Greeley blesses you for your concern. Happy Easter to all!

ht wrigleys from AQ

as i said before, the 3/17/10 message on Greeley's site was just a repeat of the 11/07/09 post by the family. notice it never says that he "is in fair condition," or any other sort of condition.

(07-25-2010, 09:34 PM)i.p.i. Wrote: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:  wise words from a mother of ten -- who has had sex at least ten times! 
[a woman i know explained the facts of life to her middle son and he replied, with a look of horror, 'so you and dad did that three times?'   :laughing:

Hey! I only have seven children.  I'm only admitting to seven times.  ;D
(07-25-2010, 05:01 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: No clue what one of the above posters is imbibing, but this is a story from Renew America about Andrew Greeley's statement that he knows where the bodies are buried when it comes to the lavender mafia of Chi-town, and our comment is based on something Greeley said himself about Cardinal Bernardin that he's "straight" at least as heterosexual as he is.  How you come up with a calumny charge on that is beyond me. 

imbibing?  nothing alcoholic if you're talking about me.  
"our comment"?  are you the Queen of England or do you have a mouse in your pocket, Augie?   ;D

the way i "come up with" a calumny and detraction charge is by reading your OP, which did not state what you are stating here but said:

"Father Greeley says that Cardinal Bernardine was at least as heterosexual as he is, but will Father Greeley have the Windy City Gay Men's Chorus come play at his wake?"

i read that as you implying that Cardinal Bernardin was homosexual and therefore Fr. Greeley was as well.  you also had Greeley dead and speculated about who would play at his wake.

Is there some kind of vitamin B-12 supplement you could start taking before you post and bug people with false accusations and complaining about whatever?  Father Greeley was in fair condition at the time this was posted.

thanks for your concern, Augie, but i take B-12 and other supplements, and my health is excellent apart from disabling chronic conditions.  in other words, all my organs, brain included, are in top shape, it's just joint pain and fatigue that i suffer.  the pain can be very bad at times and the fatigue debilitating but i thank God for giving me the opportunity to suffer and offer up my sufferings.  

and Fr. Greeley was NOT in fair condition; nothing was said about his condition at all.  read it again.

Additionally, not everyone is as "well-informed" as you are, so I'll leave it at that.  Your concerns are your own and I generally don't read your posts unless you're trying to derail a thread by discussing something completely unrelated to it.

i am quite well-informed on some topics, never pretend to be well-informed on topics i'm not knowledgeable about.

If we're implicating anything here, it's that Father Greeley MAY have met with foul play at the hands of people he claims to have the goods on in Chicago.

why didn't you say so in the OP?  if you'd given us some good info, i might have even read your blog.  (but again, what's with the "we're" -- mouse in the pocket or Queen?)

Why don't you go start a thread about how great things are in the world of NO Liturgy and how they often meet with your approval, or another commentary on how the social sciences is a worthwhile endeavor for a Catholic gradual student?

i have been fortunate to attend OF Masses that were reverent liturgies in numerous parishes, my own included,  in five states and the UK and Europe.  i can only complain about one Mass out of hundreds and it wasn't that bad, no balloons, priests dressed as clowns, etc.  

i have read that there are OF Masses that are not reverent, are very irreverent, but i think it's important for 'trads' to know that not all OF Masses are balloon Masses and not all Catholics who attend the OF hold heretical beliefs.

i'm not the only Catholic who holds traditional Catholic beliefs but has to attend an OF parish or be a home-aloner. there are others in the same boat at Fisheaters, i'm just one who talks about it to counteract the false charge that only priests who say the EF can be holy or say valid, reverent Masses.

i remember the Latin Mass when it was the only Mass, back before Vatican II.  i love the Latin Mass as it was.

i would attend the TLM regularly if i had access to one.  not everyone is fortunate enough to have that.

i have said all of this repeatedly here.

i don't recall ever having recommended the social sciences for Catholic graduate students.  what context was this in?  as a former college prof, i know a bit about grad school and the job market and i would try to advise college students on how to choose what they want to do and do it, not talk them into any field they weren't already interested in.  sorry if that offends you, but i like to help people when i can.  i'd help you if i could, even though i find it annoying that you post OPs that say very little and require clicking a link to find out more.  i find that annoying when anyone does it.


what?  did the mouse bite you?   ;D  

(lighten up, Augie, i'm just teasing you.  i'm willing to make peace with you.)

(07-25-2010, 10:46 PM)JayneK Wrote:
(07-25-2010, 09:34 PM)i.p.i. Wrote: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:  wise words from a mother of ten -- who has had sex at least ten times! 
[a woman i know explained the facts of life to her middle son and he replied, with a look of horror, 'so you and dad did that three times?'   :laughing:

Hey! I only have seven children.  I'm only admitting to seven times.   ;D

my apologies, madam, i thought i had read in your profile that you had ten children.  i should have checked it again.

we only have one living child and one in Heaven, but i'll admit to more than twice.  :laughing:

From a CNA article cited in the blog...

CNA Wrote:Chicago, Ill., Nov 28, 2008 / 05:08 pm (CNA).- Father Andrew Greeley, the Chicago columnist and bestselling novelist who recently suffered a severe head injury, is now recovering at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

On November 24, Advocate Lutheran Hospital in Park Ridge reported that the priest’s condition had been upgraded to fair after several weeks in critical condition.

According to a posting on Father Greeley’s blog, the Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Francis George visited Greeley on Wednesday and prayed at his bedside.

The priest’s family has been in contact with the young California couple who helped when they saw Father Greeley fall and injure his head while using the door of a taxi.

“The man is training to be an EMT,” the blog reported. “The woman called 911 immediately as he used her scarf to stop the bleeding. They both kept him warm and talked to him.”

“The family have thanked them and referred to them as his guardian angels. We all hope their story will inspire others to act as Good Samaritans.”

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