My Word is My Bond
I am getting high octane fuel from Pieper.  Anyhow, what does it mean when I owe someone something?  Where does this come from?  Suppose I tell you, in random conversation, I am leaving tomorrow at 2 p.m.  And let us suppose you don't depend on this information, it was just conversation.  We can say I have not made a commitment.  And tomorrow comes, and I instead leave at 3 p.m.  So my statement turned out to be in error.  Nothing more then that.  You don't even know, nor care.

Now suppose I agree to do something for you.  I make a commitment to you, and you depend on me.  Let us even say that you did a job for me up front, making me more indebted to you.  And the time comes for me to perform as agreed, and I change my mind and don't do it.

Describing what puts me in your debt is very difficult.  We can say I violated your trust.  We can say that I was treacherous.  We can say that I owe you because of your human dignity.  But each phrase begs a question.  When discussing this topic, it is more of a feeling than a definition or proper description.  When I broke my word, I committed a grave wrong.  Why? or better How?  Even deeper, I have destroyed something within myself.  Again, we know the savor, but getting more basic than this is difficult.  This is also the source of ownership and property rights.

And I believe that in this "dignity", we come face to face with God.  I don't think an atheist can explain this.  A Catholic can.
Hey, are you insinuating atheist EXPLAIN things!?  Cease with your calumny, sir!  :laughing:
God is always truthful, and we as Christians are obligated to conform to him in every way possible.
You are right that it damages our fundamental dignity as children of the creator of the Universe, and
this is something that an atheist cannot accept since they do not believe in the fundamental dignity of mankind.

The universe on a physical level has been trending towards more and more entropy since I believe the
fall of Man(which I believe is what happened in a spiritual way as well since the fall of man and the Devil). When a person tells the truth they are taking on small step towards order and away from Chaos.
(08-16-2010, 03:59 AM)sheep101 Wrote: this is something that an atheist cannot accept since they do not believe in the fundamental dignity of mankind.

Kinda like the bumper sticker that says:  "Liberals treat people like dogs and dogs like people."

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