(07-31-2010, 11:46 AM)LaramieHirsch Wrote: Okay, the huge welts have disappeared, but the itchiness is returning again. 

No other symptoms so far.  I'm convinced this is hives, as a reaction to something.  Plus, the baby and I don't have poison ivy on us (the entire family sleeps in the same bed at the moment).  So, it's clear it is isolated to only the wifey. 

Whew.  I was so freaked out through the night.  We got a lot on our plate, and an intense medical problem wouldn't have helped!

Thanks for your concern, everyone.  You all rock.  Scipio_a, thanks for the suggestion earlier.  Getting some kind of understanding of what was happening--or even a guess from someone else--really eased the tension for us.

Hawaii Five-0, the wife says that the Filipinos are not allergic to poison ivy.  At least, that's what one of her friends says.  Is that true? 

I can't imagine what foods last night would have caused this reaction.  It was just her usual fishheads and rice (some party, eh?).  She made a mango float, but I can't see how any part of it would cause a reaction like that.  Pesticide in the mangos?  I dunno.

It could be something in the air around the party.  If there's any construction going on in the area, she could have had an allergic reaction to the dust from various sources (gypsum, concrete, silica, sawdust) that float around and are carried on the breeze. 

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