Quote:18 but sometimes I think it should be higher
I wish it went back to 18 in the States.  Twenty-one is far too high.  I mean, get real...we can VOTE for the people who run our lives at 18 but we can't DRINK a lil ol glass of beer.
I used to manage a massive liquor store (bottlo) in Sydney and these young 18 year old would come in and I'd check there ID and all that and it just seemed too young sometimes, they way they carried on, like a kid in a candy store!
If liquor were treated like a normal part of our lives instead of a taboo forbidden devil drink, whispered about in dark corners and served in dark taverns, then there wouldn't be such an attraction to abuse the stuff.  All their lives they've been told it was "bad."  Of course they are going to act funny!  If young men and women drank at home moderately with their parents they wouldn't be so desperate to go and get drunk. Grrrr....
gladius_veritatis Wrote:
Extraecclesiamnullasalus Wrote:what is the drinking age in Australia?

Apparently not high enough, as Marty is clearly sloshed 90% of the time he posts on here![Image: rofl.gif]

(schol schol schol)
wada (*burp*) mean?
Well this little thread has been moved to a NEW area hey??
Keep em comin guys, whats ya flavour?
Good points Sophia! A man that can go out and kill for his country should be able to legally have a beer.
Three Words: Miller High Life

The Champagne of Beers just can't be beat, just ask the girl in the moon.

I had a black and tan not too long ago.  For those unfamiliar it's one part ale and one part Guiness, the Guiness floats to the top and the ale goes to the bottom.  It was good, I'll probably order it in the future.
[Image: product_xxxxbitter2.jpg]

Melbourne's got rain and Sydney's got yuppies,
Tassie got the chop and we got lucky,
Nobody does it like up here does it,
We love it up here,
We don't just like it, we love it!
We don't just like it, we love it!
We love it up here,
The people the places, the mates the faces,
The XXXX, yep, the beer up here, we love it up here!

[Image: xxxx_bottles.jpg]

[Image: icon_xxxxbitter23.gif]
Here's to Wally Lewis
For lacing on a boot
Some times he plays it rugged
Some times he plays it cute

When he's carving through the backline
Like a stradbroke Island shark
There's glue on all his fingers
He's the emperor of Lang Park

And when the blues come up here
To try and make a show
They'll go back scratching their heads
Saying which way did he go?

The next time he goes over there
to educate the poms
Perhaps he'll teach a few to sing:
[Pommy Accent] I can feel a fourex coming on 

I can feel a fourex coming on
I can feel a fourex coming on.
Got the taste for it
Just can't wait for it
I can feel a fourex coming on

Hello out there in fishland. I hate to burden you all with the truth but there are two types of beer drinkers out there, those who can handle the taste of XXXX, the worlds finest and those who can't.
And those who can't drink crap like VB (Very Bad) and Tooheys New , what type of beer has "Smooth and Easy Drinking" on the bottle? One with very little flavour. I suppose even the people who can't hack the taste of beer need a beer.
There is XXXX and innumerous cheap  copies of XXXX.
cane toad juice
When I was in Japan, my favourite beer was Kirin beer.

I believe they offered JP II a cool beer when he visited Japan on a hot day, and he was very grateful for it. Of course there was a big scandal when the Pope kissed the Kirin...:D
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