Pickled Pigs Feet
(08-08-2010, 11:47 PM)Scipio_a Wrote: Only if you promise to pullout the leftover succotash with it.

It's probably grown a beard by now.
No part of the baboy (pig) goes to waste here in the Philippines.  The feet are called pata, they are usually stewed with star anise and 7Up, that is called pata tim.  My favorite is crispy pata, that is where they boil the pata in seasoned brine then they deep fry it til the skin is crispy, goes great with a San Miguel pilsner!  Every time we have a big party here we have at least one pig.  The last party was a two piger! One 100 kilo pig to make all the all the stewed dishes and one 35 kilo to lechon, which is roasted on a spit.  It all starts at 3 am when we kill the pig.  It's done the old fashion way,  a long knife to the aorta, my "uncle"-in-law is the expert at it.  We catch the blood to make Dinuguan or "chocolate meat".  Like I said, nothing goes to waste here.
theres an eastern european dish made with pickled pigs feet, but they take it a step further and make it 'jellied'.... in like an aspic sort of thing.... my father loved it.. called it hishki or pechat.... i called it barf
I think the Germans put feet in Sulz, which different pig parts in an aspic. It's an appetizer or you can make a sandwich with it.  In the day German Taverns had all sorts of stuff like this many looked like they were leftovers from a  Frankenstein movie. Pick;ed Pig's feet in a 5 gallon glass jar. Pickled hard cooked eggs in a similar one.
Lundtjaeger hanging from hooks behind the bar dripping their fat on the glasses as they dried. MMM good.
I used to pal around with my dad when I was little and he often stopped at a deli and would buy me a pickled pig's foot. and some head cheese.  I think it was amusing to watch his daughter eat something that would make his wife wretch.  I still like these things even though my very unladylike choice in food is a bit embarrassing sometimes.  I'd also like to add that I'm teaching my kids to enjoy this stuff (much to my husband's dismay.)

Every culture has some weird food.  Lutefisk and balut come to mind.  Some popular Mexican foods are probably a little off putting to non-mexicans...but I do love menudo (tripe and hominy stew) and lengua tacos (tongue tacos.)
That rocks...I keep meaning to go to La Poloma...no kidding...La Paloma...here in the DFW area to get some tongue tacos.....ever sice TX suggested it...I keep forgetting....I will right before I head up to his place,,,that way if they don't agree with me.....
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