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yeah i came across this blog a week ago (dont know why so many read it, dont sure who he is but hes my age (22) ), he detests the tridentine mass (espiecially low mass), wants to return to an ancient form of the latin-rite (like late dark ages, early middle ages i suppose) only problem is there was no uniformity in Latin liturgics until Trent, he dose make some very good points on liturgy but his bad opinions overshadow the good ones greatly

anyways i see his criticisms being moot since icksp (icksp espiecially) and fssp (and sspx i suppose but never dealt with them) plus many diocese do masses (high and song) which he likes, council of trent as we all know didnt invent anything, just made the mass of the roman diocese the one to be used by all Latin diocese save the ones which could prove liturgies with ancient origins

edit: changed my opinion slightly and to improve charity
This young man obviously has no formation in actual theology or history. Nor does he seem equally appalled by the pontificates of John Paul II or Benedict XVI and their liturgical abuses, which compared to the pontificate of Pius IX, is like worrying about pre-marital sex because it might lead to dancing. Blogs like this make it quite evident that a little knowledge can be more dangerous than no knowledge at all. There is something catty and somewhat effeminate about his writing style (he apparently likes to go shopping for clothes to "de-stress" from all the bad liturgy in the world), and he seems to bask in the accolades of his few Orthodox readers when he viciously attacks the practices of the Roman Church. In other words, he is a young man who needs to get off the Internet and into real life. I pointed out to him once that his being master of ceremonies at an evening Mass where he was going to "do everything right" seemed like hypocrisy of the most childish kind; it was Pius XII papacy that made such an evening Mass possible in the first place. He shrugged it off as no big deal. This young man seems to be all about appearances and fickleness, and really, should not be taken seriously.
Most trads don't seem to realise how many paid agitators are out there.  Whilst I don't know it for sure, this bloke is certainly a candidate.

It also demonstrates one of my other pet subjects, which is the danger of publishing religious material without an imprimatur (i.e. blogging).
(10-31-2010, 06:24 AM)paragon Wrote: Most trads don't seem to realise how many paid agitators are out there.  Whilst I don't know it for sure, this bloke is certainly a candidate.

Oh, I don't know.  He seems to be a typically English crank.  And he does make some interesting points about the tendency of Popes to change the liturgy on their on initiative, without much regard for tradition, even if his remaks about Pius XII are over the top.
I don't know what his nationality has to do with it.  And all agitators make good points - that's how they suck people in.  The Dimond brothers make some excellent points in defence of tradition, yet in the end their whole purpose is to make tradition look bad.

Still, I don't know about this blogger's intentions, but I don't trust him one bit.
I made it as far as this:

Quote:Deplorable - just about everything Pius XII did. I don't have the time or inclination to go through absolutely every abuse that Romish Man of Sin (now in Hell) did to the Tradition of the Church

And to think, he calls the posters on Fisheaters "ignorant".
whats the address
(10-31-2010, 01:41 PM)icecream Wrote: whats the address

There are a lot of nutters in Traditional Circles.  That is why I fit right in.
From his latest blog entry:

My parents spent the weekend in Eastbourne (they have an apartment on the seafront), so on Saturday I invited my friend Nina round for tea. She brought round her Paris edition of Vogue and we both agreed that Hubert de Givenchy's standards are slipping vis his choice of models. It was too cold and windy to enjoy our tea on the terrace so we watched Mermaids indoors instead, and ordered Chinese food. Mermaids is my favourite non-Audrey Hepburn film of all time! I first saw it when I was a boy of about 11 or 12 years, and Charlotte Flax and I were so similar it's spooky! At one point she says ''Please God don't make me fall in love and want to do disgusting things;'' I remember uttering a similar petition when I first became aware of...the way I am.

That explains a lot, no?

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