Annunciation question
Just to add a little here's some of Luke;

{2:15} Et factum est, ut discesserunt ab eis Angeli in cælum: pastores loquebantur ad invicem: Transeamus usque Bethlehem, et videamus hoc verbum, quod factum est, quod Dominus ostendit nobis.
{2:15} And it happened that, when the Angels had departed from them into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let us cross over to Bethlehem and see this word, which has happened, which the Lord has revealed to us.”

{2:16} Et venerunt festinantes: et invenerunt Mariam, et Ioseph, et infantem positum in præsepio.
{2:16} And they went quickly. And they found Mary and Joseph; and the infant was lying in a manger.

{2:17} Videntes autem cognoverunt de verbo, quod dictum erat illis de puero hoc.
{2:17} Then, upon seeing this, they understood the word that had been spoken to them about this boy.

{2:18} Et omnes, qui audierunt, mirati sunt: et de his, quæ dicta erant a pastoribus ad ipsos.
{2:18} And all who heard it were amazed by this, and by those things which were told to them by the shepherds.

{2:19} Maria autem conservabat omnia verba hæc, conferens in corde suo.
{2:19} But Mary kept all these words, pondering them in her heart.

The shepherds were told things by the Angels, and in turn told the BVM and S. Joseph, and those that were there. The Scriptures omit what was said but it ends with the BVM pondering them in her heart. I would think that it was spectacular things for her  to ponder them in her heart. She's a very young woman and has just given birth. Which in and of it's self is spectacular to her. Making it more spectacular, the Son she gave birth to is the Son of God and she knew that because of Emanuel, God with us. So pondering these things in her heart had to contain things more spectacular for her to pay attention.
The only things had to be the details of His life, death, and Resurrection.

then there is this;

{2:47} Stupebant autem omnes, qui eum audiebant, super prudentia, et responsis eius.
{2:47} But all who listened to him were astonished over his prudence and his responses.

{2:48} Et videntes admirati sunt. Et dixit mater eius ad illum: Fili, quid fecisti nobis sic? Ecce pater tuus, et ego dolentes quærebamus te.
{2:48} And upon seeing him, they wondered. And his mother said to him: “Son, why have you acted this way toward us? Behold, your father and I were seeking you in sorrow.”

{2:49} Et ait ad illos: Quid est quod me quærebatis? Nesciebatis quia in his, quæ Patris mei sunt, oportet me esse?
{2:49} And he said to them: “How is it that you were seeking me? For did you not know that it is necessary for me to be in these things which are of my Father?”

~ This verse is translated more literally than most translations; I think that, in this case, the more literal translation is at once both more obscure, but more profound. (not me)

{2:50} Et ipsi non intellexerunt verbum, quod locutus est ad eos.
{2:50} And they did not understand the word that he spoke to them.

{2:51} Et descendit cum eis, et venit Nazareth: et erat subditus illis. Et mater eius conservabat omnia verba hæc in corde suo.
{2:51} And he descended with them and went to Nazareth. And he was subordinate to them. And his mother kept all these words in her heart.

{2:52} Et Iesus proficiebat sapientia, et ætate, et gratia apud Deum, et homines.
{2:52} And Jesus advanced in wisdom, and in age, and in grace, with God and men.

Again Luke mentions she kept it all these words in her heart. Why would she be keeping these words ? I think she was piecing together the things she had been told by the Angel Gabriel, the shepherds, Simeon, and Anna. While the Scripture is silent on what they were it is obvious she thought they were important and kept them in her heart. More Luke consulted the BVM to write this Gospel, and she made sure those words were there. 

Not much evidence but it seems plausible to me. Yes ? No ?
You make some great points, when I'm back in town (business) I should be able to look at this more.
That song "Mary Did You Know" comes to mind when reading this post... the lyrics of that song make me cry all the time...    as a mom, I can't even imagine looking at my child and imagining his suffering to come.

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