Good news out of Minnesota

I think this is quite remarkable specially taking in to account what they had to work with.
This is really good news... Duluth is a dying/aging area (northeastern MN/northwestern WI), however vocations have actually been very strong (relative numbers) in recent years...I have seen a few of the younger priests there and they seem to be rather orthodox in a NO sort of way, but a TLM for the area is suprising and is good news. I pray this leads these young men closer to tradition.  (A priest in Hibbing experimented with Saturday TLMs over this past Lent as well).

I used to live in that dioceses and frankly it does not at all seem like a trad friendly sort of place.  Also, I believe this parish is just across the street from the main state school (univ of minn duluth) and st scholastica college is just down the street. Nice location.

The diocese across the harbor, Superior WI, could take a lession from this story.  Vocations are way down there and they have had many problems.  The new bishop there can use many prayers. 

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