after tw years of treatment I am back.
    It's been a while since I have posted or even visited fisheaters.  But, I am back.  The last nine months have been a challenge.  I just finished two years of treatment for Hep C.  It is my second time trying the treatment.  It failed again and I am at peace with that.  The treatment tends to make people a little nutty.  To help combat the physiological aspects of the treatment my Doctor put me a numerous anti depressants.  I am off them now against her wishes and am just this week starting to be my self again.  It might sound odd to hear someone say that they are getting to be themselves again being coming off after two years of being treated heavy duty chemotherapy but you see the the treatment it self is what makes you goofy and unbearable.  People on the treatment become so unbearable to people that family members are often offered medication.  No kidding.  Boy I don't know who will hear my next confession but they are going getting an earful. I went off the deep end.  I suppose I could blame treatment for falling intor sin but even while sometime incompetent I still know right from wrong.  I plan to go to confession today or tomorrow.
It might sound silly to say but even when I was so separated from spirituality, I know you were there and that someone kept me in their prayers and I want to say thank you to our God for the blessing that all of you at fisheaters are.
Sincerely Yours
Always wondered what happened to you...  You left as I joined/became active.  :)  Welcome back, and prayers...  :)
Thanks collegecatholic
    You have been busy posting.  Thanks for your kind thoughts.  I also receive call from parish priest today and that was so uplifting. 
Welcome back. 
Where you really raised by beduins.  Do you speak sign language?
Welcome back kzarah!

It is always good to see members return; it implies that there is something valuable enough to return to.  :)

I'm happy you're here!
Thank you INPEFESS
    I didn't really leave but was away for a while.  Even at my worse I knew what was true and what was real.  I don't know what I would have done over the years with out fisheater's and Apologia. which I wish we were still called. 
Thanks agian.
Nice to see you back, kzarah! I've wondered where you have been. How is lulu?
Daniel! Good to hear from you again.

  Thank you for remembering Little Lulu.  Today is our ten year anniversary.  Ten years ago our Lord sent the little monster  us to heal our lonely hearts after the passing of Little Zarah as in KZARAH.  She is the perfect little pet and is next to me right now.  Today we are having Tuna for sure.  My friend and I are going to play here to death and spoil her all day. 
  I mentined in another post that one of our Parsih preist will be by next week.  He will bless the house and of course little Lulu.

Thank you ResiduumRevertetur it nice to hear from you. 
and of course little Lulu

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