Liquor on the Rocks?
I'm a member of a group of Catholic drinking buddies (three guys who went to college together and the husband of one of our friends, a very classy group) that meets occasionally, but I believe I'm the only one who doesn't have much experience drinking liquor (and actually enjoying the liquor, lol).  I've been trying to drink Crown on the rocks once in a while to get used to drinking liquor.  Any suggestions?

I have gotten rather quickly to where I like Crown on the rocks (it takes me a solid hour to drink, which I guess is good) and wouldn't mind venturing out more, but I'm not so sure I'm ready for Scotch, lol.
Crown Royal is a Canadian whisky, which are usually lighter in color and character than most varieties of scotch whiskys-- but picking a reliable blended scotch isn't that far off from Crown, or my favorite Canadian (CanadianCatholic notwithstanding) is Canadian Club.  Both are excellent sipping whiskys.

Some whisky drinkers scoff when a drinker puts a splash of water in with their hooch, but I think it's a fine way to soften up a spirit in the beginning.  I usually loosen them up for the first drink or two before I switch to whisky on the rocks.  If I'm retiring to the garage for a pipe, I've been known to sip the dram neat.  But that's for a night alone with the good Lord and Mr. Comoy.

So.  If you want to switch to Scotch on the rocks, my suggestion is a reliable blended whisky like Johnny Walker (start with black label), J&B, Dewars or the prince of blended Scotch-- Chival Regal.
whiskey is to harsh. Try Vodka and tonic on the rocks with lime.
(08-18-2010, 07:13 PM)voxpopulisuxx Wrote: whiskey is to harsh. Try Vodka and tonic on the rocks with lime.

Anyone can do that, lol!

I used to drink gin and tonic, then got to Seven and 7, and ended up at vodka club.  I need something a little more manly, lol.

Thanks for the tips, WRC!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcREX7MegUWkwa1Zb_pAXNN...Jg2cXzncg=]

Or what WRC said...
(08-18-2010, 07:27 PM)3Sanctus Wrote: I need something a little more manly, lol.

Try water.
(08-19-2010, 09:12 AM)Herr_Mannelig Wrote: Try water.

Now that's no fun, lol.  I obviously drink water during most of the day, but I don't mind having a bit of liquor once in a while, too.

Oh, and Texican, I LOVE beer!  However, my friends can be more in favor of liquor (and have been trying to get me to join them) and drinking liquor will mean fewer calories in a given night of drinking.  Plus, I like trying new things.  :)
Bourbon & ginger ale.  S**t, I think I'll go get one.........
Bourbon's are good. Start with a George Dickel (for cost) or an Eagle Rare (@Costco now!). Later on try an Evan Willms. or a Booker's
Chivas Regal 12yo is quite mellow, even my wife has sipped it neat before. So it should be fine for ya on the rocks. Personally I drink all my whiskey neat (unless I'm sipping my guilty little secret - the canned whiskey and cola they sell for $2.50 / can at the bottle store lol. I like 'em with lunch, cheaper than an energy drink lol.)

You'll find single malts are probably a lot more palatable and easy-drinking than blends, generally, although it'll take some time to really suss your taste out. Some like 'em peaty, some don't.

Islays aren't too bad.

But you can never go wrong drinking Irish. Well, except for Bushmills. I admit to having tried it, and it was lousy anyway. But Catholics shouldn't drink that stuff.

Anyway, happy sipping.

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