Prickly Pear juice...
Anyone know how to extract the juice from a prickly pear?  I have a bowl full.  I tried to puree it all, and then pass the gooey juice through a strainer.  Suffice to say, it isn't working.
ok, just got a bunch of juice extracted.  Is it supposed to be snotty in texture? 

And now that I have it, what do I do with it?  I hear it can be used with lemonade?
Just eat the fruit.
I love prickly pears but too much will give you a stomachache/diarrhea/bloating.

I'd rather eat it than drink it.  Trying to get the juice seems like a waste of fruit.
Okay, I figured it out. 

1. I washed them with a potato brush
2. I used the food puree machine on them and ground them all up
3. I put them on a small strainer and strained them through, mashing the pulp against the strainer screen until I got as much gooey juice as I could. 
4. I put the remaining pulp in a coffee filter in a coffee machine and ran a coffee pot's worth of water through the pulp. 

So, after running the pulp through the coffee filter, the pulp was turned into a cooked green color, and all the prickly pear juice was in the coffee pot.  I had enough from one bowl of prickly pears to make two coffee pots worth.  I had a whole tea jar full of tasty prickly pear juice.  I just added two or three cups of sugar, and it was a nice delicious drink.  I bet it'd be good to add to lemonade. 

As for the gooey juice that I had strained earlier, I will turn it into prickly pear candy.
I was considering trying out pine needle tea next, but I heard it causes women to abort their babies.  If pine needle tea can do that, I fear what else it does!

So, maybe I'll move on to Oklahoma sand plums next.

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