I just got back from my first TLM (Diocesan)!
What just arrested me about this particular Mass was Father Bruno's fervour - his voice literally trembled from the Asperges to the dismissal. His tone was triumphant, loyal, exceptionally reverent. It was as though he hung on every word.

I didn't want to leave! I just sat there for quite a while after Mass had ended and reflected on what I had just experienced. I look forward to going back to Saskatoon for Mass. My parents also enjoyed their first two Latin Masses and have agreed to take me once a month to the TLM in Regina! Deo Gratias! ^^

(08-29-2010, 08:37 PM)ruralpeace Wrote: Were you in the back, right side? I think I saw you all. We stay a bit after Mass to pray. I think I did see you three, though!

Pray for Saskatchewan. And Canada.

Yes! I was wearing a purple and green blouse. (:

Will do.
(08-28-2010, 09:09 AM)3Sanctus Wrote: The Mass of the Ages is truly amazing.  At first it just seems beautiful and such...after a bit you'll realize the Novus Ordo just doesn't cut it anymore.  There's a definite objective difference between the two - the Novus Ordo can never be a replacement for the TLM.

I have come to realise this as well, and no mental gymnastics can enable one to place the new rites on the same level as the true Roman Rite.

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