Cupich is the new bishop of Spokane
Across the stateline, the Spokane diocese has a new bishop, Blase Joseph Cupich.  Anybody know about him?
Just for starters, yuck.  Not traditional friendly at all.
From reading the article, you can get various signals of his liberalness, but here's what Fatima Crusader says:
He is awful a most terrible pick, this bishop loves everything the spirit of Vii has done. In fact u can read the praise for the wreckovation of both the liturgy and the architecture of the church in his site
I hope BXVI beats himself like JPII used to do after this pick.

I don't really know about his views, but my wife and I met him by chance shortly after having our 2nd child (also named Blaise).  He seemed thrilled to meet another Blaise, since it's not a very common name, and we ended up getting our picture taken with him.  He was very friendly, but even so, I know I'd take orthodox over friendly any day.

I'll pray that he stay (or become, if that be the case) more orthodox in his views.  :pray:
Anyone here from South Dakota that knows anything about him?

I'd like to know what we are getting.  We don't need an administrator and a politician.  We need a shepherd who cares for souls and a holy bishop.

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