Smoking cigars in the house
Even though my wife absolutely detests smoking, I am planning on putting my foot down as the man of the house and start smoking cigars and pipes in the house.



I can dream....
She doesnt like Pipes if you get the right tobacco it can smell very nice cigars on the other hand while I do like smoking them do make the house stink,but pipes can smell very nice.
Do you have an extra room in the house?  A basement?  A closet?  Anything?  Just put in a good exhaust fan (not a bathroom fan, mind you... a little higher flow than that) and you're all set.

Get some ideas: and

I'd love to do something like that sometime.  On a smaller scale, of course.  I can't afford a bunch of leather chairs, or Spanish cedar to build a cabinet-size humior, etc.  But a nice little room, a comfy chair, and an exhaust fan.  That's all ya need!  :)
That's a flashback to my bachelor days. Smoke in the house, feet on the coffee table, not a houseplant in sight.

Now, it's just as well that I go out to the garage to smoke, all my toys are out there anyway.
I can get my hands on anything I want to smoke....

Maybe a trip to India is in order...

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