when did Christ know He was God
We don't know what it is to be fully human. Jesus who is God and can never not be God is an integral, inseparable part of the One God Nature in three divine persons. Therefore He is/was/always (in human speak, as there is no past, present, or future for God) and everywhere the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. The full, unadulterated (by original sin) human nature we are destined for and, which Jesus had(actually has), is above that of the angels. To think that Jesus was ever not conscious of who He is is patently absurd and defies logic. We mustn't make the mistake of believing that His human nature is our human nature. Therefore, we are incapable, at this point of our lives, of understanding His perfectly human nature.
Jesus,our Lords peace be with You,
Dear friend,brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus knew it from the beginning. How else could He have said to His mother,our Blessed Virgin,when She told Him to turn water in to wine,that He's time had not come. All the answer we need it is in the Bible,those who are not is things we don't need to know,in time we will,but now we don't have all the answers,not even all the questions. So do as I do,read one chapter each day,and when You have gone thru the Bible from the first word in O.T to the last in N.T,start over again.
I want to know what the point of becoming human was if not to share in all the joys and trials of being human and thereby make His (God's) sacrifice for us all the more precious. I thought the only difference between Christ and us is that He, as God, has the ability to atone for all of mankind's errors, whereas we, as non-divine humans, cannot do that. Other than that, He probably had heartbreaks, friends, etc. just like we do.

I asked this once before, just because God has the ability of foreknowlege, does this mean we can assume He chooses to use it when creating us?

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