Circular Strength Training
I recently discovered circular strength training, it seems to be really good for people who are recovering from joint problems or back problems and wanting to become super-fit.  I've been doing some of the shoulder exercises and it's had an amazing effect on my neck, where I have some slight osteo-arthritis setting in.  The exercises seem to be soothing even as I'm doing them, and I thought I'd share.  Anyone else tried any of these?  Some are very advanced and I can't do them at all, but the basic ones I can manage and have noticed almost immediate improvement in strength and flexibility.

I have Sonnon's Intuflow joint mobility series.  He basically combines Russian Martial art warm-up exercises with yoga.  It's an excellent way to warm-up, especially for people recovering from injuries or new to exercise.  The name "strength training" though is a misnomer, because it can't make a person particularly strong.  For that you need to do heavy weight training.  But for someone looking for a place to start, this is it. 
I do these as well. They are great. My neighbour (a trad, in fact) is an expert on this and regularly holds workshops with Sonnon, so I just listen to him! He is not a fishie though! (yet)

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