Favorite books on spiritual warfare?
For instance, do you like Dom Scupoli's The Spiritual Combat?
(09-12-2010, 11:26 PM)Jitpring Wrote: For instance, do you like Dom Scupoli's The Spiritual Combat?

The Spiritual Combat is a pretty solid book. The section about overcoming impurity is very interesting.

In the same vein of this book, I can list:

Int. to a devout life (St. Francis Sales).
Light and Peace (Quadrupani) - very similar to devout life, but shorter.

...but each one has its favorite.

Personally, I like The Imitation of Christ (Kempis) and The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Arnoudt),  which are very useful for meditation (they help me to keep God in my thoughts). In fact, I appreciate more the latter because it is less succinct than Kempis' book; since I am not used to the practice of mental prayer, this really helps. It also provides some guidelines about how one is to meditate: a simple basic method and another one (which as far as I can tell is the Ignatian method without the review in the end). Awesome book indeed!

Finally, I like some books on the three ways such as The degrees of the Spiritual Life (Saudreau) and The Spiritual Life (Tanquerey). This latter book is really magnificent; the first part presents some principles on the spiritual life and the second part deals with the struggles the soul faces on each of the ways, providing counsels accordingly.

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