Saint Thomas More vs. Archheretic Luther
Where did you get this quote from? The original work is in Latin and this is definitely an interesting translation. I've read some of his writings against Tyndale (who got very personal with More--I don't think Luther did, but I could be wrong) and I never read anything like this. Anyway, you've intrigued me. I just looked up an edition of this work and put in a request for it at the library. Should have it in a couple days. 

As an aside, this reminds me of a story in an old book on St. Francis a friend of mine had. One of the friars was being visited by an apparition of "Jesus" who was telling the friar he hated him and was going to damn him no matter what. The friar, terrified, told no one. St. Francis was given an interior inspiration that this was going on. He admonished the friar for not telling him and then told him this was definitely not the Lord. St. Francis told this friar that next time the apparition came to him he should say, "open your mouth a little wider so I can [defecate] into it." The footnote for the word in brackets said the original Italian used a much more colorful word. ;)

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