Saint Thomas More vs. Archheretic Luther
Ok, picked up this book and read the passage. It is in response to Luther's "Contra Henricam regem," a "refutation" of Henry VIII's defense of Catholicism (he was actually a very good apologist before he went off the rails) in which Luther misquotes him, lies about the work, etc. A lot of the more colorful language is simply More using Luther's own words against him (for example, Luther said the latrines should be emptied on the King's crown and More then turns it around on Luther).

Also of note, "pimp" in this time period merely meant a rascal or knave. Likewise, "shit" was simply synonymous with dung, filth, or excrement. It could also mean something or someone obnoxious--it didn't become a taboo "bad word" until the 17th century, 100 years after this was written. The translation I have (which is a pretty old one) uses words like "filthy," "dung," and "dungheep." I wonder what the original Latin is--I'm imaging the translation in the OP is more of a literal word for word translation than a dynamic one which takes into account idiomatic expressions of the time, etc.

As an aside, at least from what I have read, the Saint seems to get more zealous and impassioned defending the reputation of another (in this case the King) than he does defending his own reputation from the attacks of Tyndale, for example. He seems to bear the latter much more patiently--I guess that's to be expected from a Saint.  :)


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