New Jesuit Provincial Bets Against Rome
It would be a terrible thing if mandatory celibacy were made optional.
The reason is that the witness that celibacy for the Kingdom gives amounts to a condemnation of the spirit of the world.
Why do you think that the media and liberals are harping on this over and over gain, but give the Buddhists and others a pass?
It also makes the Priesthood a life of sacrifice. Married clergy have their cake and eat it too.
The job itself is relatively cushy and it has a lifetime guarantee, no other profession comes close to that kind of respect and security, so if there were a married clergy, they would likely become bourgeois and complacent.
Not to mention a certain segment would ultimately advocate for clergy divorce, then clergy remarriage and on and on.
If celibacy for the Kingdom is gone from the Western world, the great witness the Church needs to claim that a life can be lived without sexual expression, a life of sacrifice - will be gone. The world will then sink deeper and deeper into hedonistic sin.
Mandatory celibacy must remain at all costs if the Church is to keep a militant and sacrificial spirit alive both in the clergy and the faithful.

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