Naples: The Miracle of St. Januarius Happens On Schedule
Cardinal Sepe made sharp criticisms of the most recent Mafia Crimes when he preached at the St. Januarius Feastday Service.

Rome ( At the time of the feast of St. Januarius, the legendary transformation of blood in Naples takes place again. Still, before the sermon of Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe during the Sunday Mass happens in the Cathedral he shows with the motion of a white drapery, the expected miracle. Finally, Sepe presented the ampules of the early Christian martyrs flowing blood to applause.

A delay or the absence of the miracle of blood will be viewed by the Neapolitans as a sign of foreboding. The enthusiasm of the Faithful was in any case damp during Sepe's sermon. Naples has lived on hope in the absence of bread, said the Cardinal to the Italian media afterwards. IN the meantime the city longs for a turning point; there is "neither bread nor hope".

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