I Don't See Christ, I See Bread: Ecumenical Service in Bern
I'm a traditional Catholic, too...let me tell you what's going on in the Catholic hospital where I work.

The hospital has just completed a brand-new, state of the art hospital, after 92 years of being in the same old building. The hospital is lovely, and the chapel actually has a crucifix in it (wonder of wonders). The altar, though?

I was hoping our bishop could come and consecrate the altar. I asked one of our chaplains, and he said that since the chapel would be being used by "all faiths," the altar would not be consecrated, but merely only blessed.

I cannot tell you how horrified I was. Even though it's a Novus Ordo hospital. Even our current chapel reserves the Blessed Sacrament [sic]. This new one doesn't. It has to be usable by all faiths.

Extra ecclesiam nullam salus...


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