Pro-Homosexual Activist Suspended at St. Mary's Basilica
Archbishop Nienstedt is serious about opposing this non-sense and explaining the Catholic Faith. There's not much more to the story than what is cited below, but it is interesting that the "artist" who's been adorning the downtown Basilica with her creations for years has compared herself to Galileo.

    [Minneapolis, Star Tribune] Lucinda Naylor, a Minneapolis artist and part-time church employee, was suspended from her job over a protest sculpture using antigay marriage DVDs distributed by the Catholic church.

    The Catholic church began to mail the DVDs to 400,000 Catholics in Minnesota last week. They argue for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state.

    According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Rev. John Bauer, pastor of the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, made the decision to suspend Naylor, a 15-year employee.
With special thanks to the Knights of Columbus who've helped make this possible by their DVD, and have also made it embarrassing for Pro-Abort and Pro-Abortion politicians to continue to associate themselves with them.  Thanks to them for helping clarify just where they stand on this issue.

Here's a video from local television station with Archbishop Nienstedt speaking at a local conservative parish, looking fearful to the enemies of the Church:
I watched the video. It's comical that the advocates continue to attempt to separate religion and morality, seeing as how both come from Almighty God.

"This is a matter of equality under the law and has nothing to do with religion. This is a matter of fairness" (Paul Guequierre, Human Rights Campain).

It is a matter of justice, justice being a moral virtue, and the Catholic Church having the authority from God to teach faith and morals. As homosexual acts are grievously sinful, they should not be sanctioned by law, which is what a gay marriage amendment would effectively do. Moreover, the Catholic Church has the right and the duty to teach the truth on this issue.

"This is a secular issue, an equal-rights issue. I don't see why religion thinks it owns marriage" (Cindy Killion, LGBT Resource Center of the Seven Rivers Region).

In a real sense, God owns marriage, as it was Him Who instituted it, and later made it a sacrament. Ms. Killion would likely deny this truth. Regardless, man is not morally free to disobey or wilfully ignore God's law, marriage included.

I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, and that it may be asking too much for homosexual advocates to understand the reasoning behind Catholic doctrine, but it would seem that if they want to take us up on this issue then they must at least take the time to properly understand our arguments, rather than parroting their talking points, which they wouldn't be repeating if they knew our position on the issue.

P.S. - Even if they invoked "separation of Church and State" to try and take God out of the equation, then we could still use unaided human reason (ethics) to soundly defeat their arguments. I would imagine that they would then back themselves into the corner known as "moral relativism" ("You do your thing and I'll do mine").
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