Archdiocese of Vienna: Gives Jesuit Platform for Pro-Homosexual Views
The "in good standing", not uncontroversial Jesuit priest in the periphery of "Apostle History 2010" gets an open mike - Mertes described Pope Benedict as "hard of hearing" and said that the Church suffers from homophobia.

Wien ( The "in good standing", but not uncontroversial Jesuit Klaus Mertes will receive an open mike in the last days of the event organized by the Archdiocese of Vienna 'Apostelgeschichte 2010" (Apostle History 2010) and intends to hold his impulsive lecture on the theme "But you will receive the power of the Holy Ghost". Mertes has been increasingly concerned over the media's revelations in the last months. That being said, he's mentioned Pope Benedict in an interview: "I have great respect for Benedict XVI., because he has no fear in the face of the truth of what has been revealed in the sexual abuse crisis. I wish that he could find in critics of the Church more love for the Church". Then the Jesuit stated that the Pope is "hard of hearing" and that God also speaks through the "secular world" to the Church.
I don't take anyone seriously who uses the word "homophobic" as if it has any useful meaning.
These frauds don't want to follow JESUS they want to tell JESUS how to run the world, nice try you fools!!!! :pazzo: :pazzo: :pazzo: :pazzo:
But will they like it if JESUS tells them where to go?
+Schoborn is simply masterful the way he keeps manipulating things, works with the media, browbeats the conservatives and gives the appearances of loyalty to the Pope.  Starting to get the impression that Pope Benedict either can't control him, or won't.  If that's true, it's not clear why either.

My attitude is, you've taken a wolf cub from its mother and raised yourself in the Schulkreis, now that wolf is only semi-tame, and it will always be wild and potentially dangerous.
+Schoborn needs to be disciplined or worse. He is out of control and become a joke. Just check out the clown masses and rock guitar masses that he has participated in.
How anyone can participate in that and be considered a follower of Our Lord is beyond me.
Its a sad joke.

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