Fr. Altenbach's True Mass Tape #1
This is the first of 6 recordings done by Fr. Altenbach back in 1972 – 1974 that he titled, “The True Mass Tapes”. Recorded some 36 years ago, Fr. relates it to being about a decade after V2. Fr. pulls no punches in these recordings – as you’ll probably notice after only a few minutes - and he gets better with each recording.

For those interested, the SSPX didn't officially even exist yet with only 1 priest back then, Fr. Bonfil.  Confusion and anarchy was the rule of the day and was rampant within the Church. All things TLM were all but publicly outright outlawed. 

By 1974, many churches throughout the world had already thrown out the altar, statues etc and had been either closed down completely or had undergone massive NO indoctrination and remodeling.

With no internet back then, recording sermons etc on cassette tapes and hoping word of mouth would help to spread the message was one of the methods used back then.

Might be worth downloading to your hard drive - not sure how long I can keep the link active.

True Mass Tape #1 of 6

Even 36 years later, it’s still refreshing to hear a priest tell it like it is and I'll post the rest later.

……and not only that, you can listen on your ipod as you’re jogging.  :laughing:

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