Polish Government Plans Shutdown of Radio Maryja
Editor: Earlier we saw that the Polish government was ready to vote on a proposal to enthrone Christ the King of Poland. The proposal was defeated earlier with the help of the Bishops, but it might be passed this time, without the Bishop's approval.

Now, the government is threatening to close down 'Radio Maryja' and a former Polish Prime Minister offers his thought as to why.

Catholic Radio is to Disaappear

    Poland [kreuz.net] The National Advisory Board is ready to destroy the Catholic broadcaster 'Radio Maryja'. That was according to Polish politician and former Prime Minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, on Friday in an interview with 'Radio Maryja', the government is in "panic for fear of the truth", which the radio station transmits. The Supervisory Board maintains that 'Radio Maryja" uses advertising. That is, however, forbidden because of the non-profit status of the broadcaster.



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