Archbishop Nienstedt Refuses Communion to Homosexuals at Modernist Abbey
[Minneapolis Star and Tribune] Twin Cities Archbishop John C. Nienstedt, leading a student mass at St. John's Abbey recently, refused to give communion to members of a gay and lesbian college student group who were wearing rainbow buttons in a sign of solidarity.

The conflict between the archbishop and students from the Roman Catholic St. John's University and the College of St. Benedict occurred during Sunday night mass in Collegeville, Minn., on Sept. 26.

The action came as Catholics throughout Minnesota have been sent hundreds of thousands of DVDs from the state's bishops in support of a ban on gay marriage
Good for him.
The Bishop goes back and forth on this. I mean I am glad he is doing the right thing but with him is like 3 steps forward and one step back.

I remember last year he prohibited a so called catholic gay and lesbian group to speak within his diocese.
Would you please give some specific examples here, Unum?

(10-05-2010, 11:10 PM)40Days Wrote: Would you please give some specific examples here, Unum?

There was OLG for one, that I remember from last year at this time when the CPSM (Campaign for Sexual Minorities) had organized to have a flaming Jesuit come and speak.

Then there was the National Catholic Teacher's Conference where disgusting pro-abort, Garrison Squeeler (because government funding  in Godless democracies makes for great art)  spoke.
Ok, so he may not be batting 1.000, but the Archb's actions overall in THIS department are worth mentioning (as you did AB by posting the story) ... the few negatives do not qualify him as being out right weak on this way (not putting a halt to garry keilor talking to the teachers is minor crap)

overall, he has been vocal especially compared to what was going on here before he arrived...and credit is due there too (much of the goofy things that went on here for so long are gone or have been really toned down ...rainbiw sash, st joan of arch, etc) .

I am not saying he is perfect, but he is doing these things in a region (Mpls) with a political organized/powerful homosexualist community and - look, he has made some bold statements on marrige and lifestyle despite what his flock and the area non-Catholic public thinks and we need more of this.
Archbishop Nienstedt is the man.  He has been far more vocal in standing up to the Star Tribune/Homosexualist mafia than his predecessor.  I think he's planning on dealing with dissenting parishes as part of the "reorganization" of the entire Archdiocese that will be announced in a couple of weeks.  The St. Paul Seminary has advanced by leaps and bounds in the quality of priests that it's been turning out over the last 10 years or so, and the Archbishop keeps putting more solid priests in position at key parishes to correct the abuses that have been allowed to go on for decades under his predecessors.
Well, he's FAR and away better than his predecessor who's better off forgotten, but he's no friend of tradition.

When he came to the Indult once, I'd say he was downright uncomfortable and unfriendly. His message was, "be loyal to the Magisterium".  No big whoop, though, when he goes after the baddies like this, it's a site to see.

If I recall correctly I think he has had some bad experiences involving SSPX and perhaps he's generalized these experiences to all traditionalists.  He is close friends with a very traditional priest, Fr. Robert Altier, so that gives me some hope.  He hasn't been hostile to parishes that have set up TLM's (St. Agnes and one whose name escapes me in Robbinsdale), which is more than can be said for many bishops these days.
For the time being, he's a neo-con, which may change, who knows.

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