Doubts about Newman's Beatification
AugustineBaker isn't just plucking this out of the air.

Sure we can't be hasty in attributing Sodomy to anybody with a Sanguine or extrovert temperament, but equally when beatification is being considered ... I mean after all I would say that anyone with even a completely sublimated(celibate) inclination towards Homosexuality no longer has a vocation to the Priesthood, let alone Sainthood.

No doubt an out of the closet 'Bender' would have been prosecuted, like the Pederast Oscar Wilde, in 19th Century Britain. but this playwrite found no shortage of sexual degenerates amongst his urbane playmates, many of whom escaped the lash of Corporal Punishment.

It is rather hopeful, to say the least, to expect that IF Newman was disordered in this way the Public Authorities would have been kind enough to have picked up on this for us, so that we would not be faced with the conundrum of his 'gayness' today.  Get real.

Look in any history book. The Victorians are renowned for their 'double standards' and became resented by the masses precisely because of their 'one rule for them, and another for us' mentality.  For this reason the Bourgeoisie of Victorian Britain set the scene for the turmoil that Modern Europe has fallen into.  With their hardcore of Liberal ideology, they were a fertile seedbed for Moral hypocrasy and Social Revolutionaries of many stripes.  Newman was a Victorian too.

Another starting point, even if a distasteful one, on the subject would be the British site for -

OUTRAGE -Twenty Years of Angry Queers

A quick search will lift up the article by the infamous 'Campaigner for Human Rights' Mr Peter Tatchell, Member of Parliament and, er, Revolutionary Trotskyite.

In this most genteel of articles he informs about the delectable topic of how Cardinal Newman was gay and loved Father Ambrose St John with a burning ardour.

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