Doubts about Newman's Beatification

Having an inclination toward sin does not mean that sin is committed.  Everyone who has, is, or ever will live is inclined toward sin.  That doesn't mean we all indulge in every sin toward which we are inclined.

If someone is a sodomite (voluntarily commits sodomy), that is far different from being inclined to sodomy (have the desire, but not acting on it, not dwelling on it, not fantasizing about it, etc.).

It seems we may have different ideas about what being "inclined" towards a sin means.  I would say that someone who has the desire (on some level) to commit a sin is inclined to it, but that someone who commits the sin (in word, deed, or thought) has committed the sin - which is far worse than a simple inclination.

All adults (with very few exceptions) have some inclination toward sexual sin.  The vast majority of people have desired sexual stimulus before they are married.  If the desire remains simply an unacted-upon desire, then that's simply a matter of inclination (in the way I'm using inclination); however, if someone chooses to fantasize about relations with someone to whom they are not married or chooses to fornicate, then they have gone right past being inclined and straight into committing the sin.

As for the "I was born that way" argument, I don't really know what causes people to be attracted to people of the same gender.  I don't particularly care, and tend to only deal with it theoretically.  Is it possible it's a result of something that happens before birth?  Sure.  Is it possible it's a result of something that happens after birth, such as a psychological issue, a sociological issue, a simple disorder introduced by Satan?  Sure.  Frankly, I think all these things (and other causes) combine and most of these people have some combination of these and other factors.  That said, I don't know enough about an individual to judge what the nature of their inclination is.

That said:  I DO NOT support sodomy.  Obviously the Church teaches people who perform homosexual acts and fail to properly repent go to Hell - just like with other sins.

Also:  Please note that just because a sinful disposition/inclination/desire is not voluntarily had doesn't mean it's innate or natural - Satan spends lots of time working out ways to get us to think about things we shouldn't - for some people that ends up being sodomy, for some fornication, for some adultery, for some theft, for some lying, for get the idea.

The differentiation I am making is between a desire and an act (of deed, speech, thought).  If a man is walking down the sidewalk and an attractive woman passes by him and he begins to pray to force the desire that jumped into his head to flee before his prayer to God, then he has not sinned.  If the same man saw the attractive woman and instead entertained lustful thoughts and didn't try to resist those thoughts, then he has sinned.  Does that make where I'm coming from more clear?

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