Blood Money: we are NOT doing enough in the face of a holocaust
My friends,
I just saw the documentary Blood Money.  This is about the abortion business, planned parenthood in particular. See it.  The thought that runs through my mind is WE HAVE NOT DONE ENOUGH!

Millions of babies have died, souls are lost to perdition, moms and dads suffer, women are irrevocably affected and we, as a whole, look the other way.

When I asked on this so-Catholic forum who would join me at least by prayer in the 40 Days for Life, only ONE person said they would. I do hope many of you are involved in your local 40 Days for Life. Last weekend here we had a mom of twins change her mind because we were there in front of planned parenthood. That is great. We were so happy.  But 30 or more babies perished.

I was on a college campus yesterday when Justice for All put up their display .  This 20 ft high graphic display is meant to initiate conversation and the team is excellent but most of the students are all 'for choice'. Choice: that word from the father of lies who is a murderer from the beginning.

We as Catholics do not want to stand up and be counted. We don't want to 'offend' anyone.  Yet God is horribly offended. Some will not attend a Mass with some liturgical abuses but this abuse against life is far more offensive.

Pray for enlightenment of souls to the dignity of all life!
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(10-06-2010, 05:30 PM)Magdalene Wrote: When I asked on this so-Catholic forum who would join me at least by prayer in the 40 Days for Life, only ONE person said they would.

On this forum? I must have missed this thread.

Could you kindly direct me to it?
I joined in 40 Days of life and I am not the ONE who told you anything.

I was a VERY active pro-life activist when I was young.  I lowered banners the size of tennis courts next to the houses of parliament, scaled buildings, glued the locks on about 6 Marie Stopes abortion clinics, joined Operation Rescue, got arrested and even got onto national TV (BBC1) leading the London Marathon with a pro-life T-shirt on.  The problem, however, was that the pro-life organisations in the UK, SPUC and Life were kinda embarassed about their Catholic identity.  While they were staffed by well over 80%-90% practicing Catholics they would not involve themselves with prayer vigils, Rosary crusades or Eucharistic devotions for the sake of political correctness (ultimately cowardice) and not wanting to make a small minority of non-Catholics members feel uneasy.  That was just gutless.

They should have embarassed or blackmailed their cowardly bishops into taking monstrances up to the Houses of Parliament and staging sit-ins in Parliament Square like the anti-war crowded until they got their way.  But the Novus Ordo bishops were gutless little worms of men who were more concerned about covering up for child abusing priests than the unborn.

Let's face a hard truth here.  If you cover up for some homo or paedo abuser, you don't give a rat's posterior about an unborn child.  You might say you do for political posturing or to play to the crowd but the reality is you don't.

For years SPUC has been fighting a poltical fight, taking MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of pounds in donations and contributions from Catholics and getting absolutely nowhere in the political sphere.  It is hard to see what abortion they have prevented in the UK since basically we have Abortion on demand here today.  The only thing that stops abortion here is that a women does not want one.  Practically speaking probably the BIGGEST preventer of more abortion is the generous welfare that single mothers get in the UK along with prioroty housing when they get pregnant.  If they ended that abortion would rise significantly I reckon.  I reckon SPUC would have been better off making sure that pregnant women were even more generously taken care of by the state welfare programs than they have been in the last 20 years.  Walk around any British town centre today and you'll know exactly what I mean.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that as sad as Abortion is and as much of a sin as it is, it is not exactly the same as murder of young children for several reasons.

1.  To halt an abortion you need the co-operation of the mother in a way that you don't need to save an infant or a child or an adult.
2.  If people are determined to destroy their children AND SOME WOMEN ARE then there is not much you can do to stop them.  Sure, occasionally, you can talk someone out of it but MOST women who have abortions WANT to have abortions.
3.  You stopped 1 and 30 went ahead.  Hardly a successful model for ending abortion.

Finally, I am not sure we can say with certainty that liturgical abuses are less bad than abortions.  After all, statistically speaking those women that abort their children would not be bringing them up to be practicing Catholics or anything even close.  Now, sure, some aborted babies if not aborted might go on to save their souls or even become great saints.  But the VAST majority wouldn't because as a general rule, immoral scumbags and murderers raise pretty scummy children who learn ethics and morality from their parents.  In 100 years time what difference would it make whether all 100 are in limbo or 99 in Hell and 1 in Heaven?  Answer: the difference of 1 soul saved versus 99 damned.  And I am probably being generous given the nature of most women who abort.

There is no way of knowing to what degree the new mass is offensive to God, other than since it has come in millions of Catholics have lapsed, had abortions, used contraceptives, divorced and remarried and generally carried on like apostates.

An reasonable argument could be made that more souls are lost to perdition because of the new mass and the general level or ignorance about the faith that springs from it (as you pray so you believe) than are lost because of the sin of abortion.

In that sense the liturgical abuses might actually be more damaging when judged by the only thing that ULTIMATELY matters, then number of souls saved.

But if people pray properly they'll start believing properly and if they start believing properly then they'll start thinking properly and voting properly and not for abortionist bastards like Blair and Obama and ultimately we will close the abortion clinics down anyway for exactly the same reason that they have been slow to open in the countries like Ireland and Malta who have apostasized the least.

So I believe YOU may be putting the cart before the horse.  Without honouring GOD first I suspect He won't honour man.

We are not the problem here.  It is the 99% of notional Catholics who basically don't give a shit and are watching the x-Factor and crying because Gamu is going to be deported back to Zimbabwe.

Have we done enough?  No.  However, we never will do ENOUGH since we are called to perfection.  However, by attending the Tridentine Mass and praying as Our Lady asked at Fatima we have done a heck of a lot more than SPUC's private member's bills ever did.
OK, so it may be past my bedtime, and I am tired, so what I am going to say may be really foolish, but I have often thought a little bit along the same lines as Gregg has here, and I have not been able to come up with satisfactory answers. That is, I think he is right, though I am very open to the fact that I may be on totally slippery ground. But it began by my wondering if the whole "political activist" way really was the most characteristically Christian way for us to solve problems. And I thought of the Roman Empire. There was far far worse than abortion there. How did we stop it? We converted the people to Christianity, and then, they never had to argue over abortion.

Gregg's point about liturgy I think is valid as well, and can be applied to everything that occurs within the Catholic Church. Maybe we need fewer protests out on the street, and more Church groups that are ready to petition their parish priests and their bishops to organize long periods of adoration before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament to pray for the conversion of of their fellow countrymen. I know that pro-life activists can be depended on to pray. But sometimes I wil get little anti-abortion prayer cards handed to me on my way out of church, given to me by people I do not see in church, and I wonder. What if all the pro-lifers organized more prayer activities, and spent more money opening houses where women in trouble could go and be welcomed and given free room and board for a bit, and given the time and the place to reflect on what they are thinking of doing, and  to be counselled, etc. I don;t know, but I find we have not enough pro-life prayer, and not enough support for women in trouble in the pro-life movement, and also there is this little touch of harshness that can be felt sometimes in pro-life circles. I mean, Magdalene, I have read so many of your posts and you are golden, my dear, golden. if words are all we have on a forum, yours are usually the most large-hearted, and charitable. But even you had to refer to this "so-called" Catholic forum, and it is that tone I mean, and the reason you used that tone is basically because people did not rrespond to your call in this single matter as you wished. But, important as it is, it is a single matter, not the only, nor the most important matter. Anyway, you all do excellent work and I pray for your efforts.

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