When Catholicism becomes a hobby
(10-07-2010, 08:29 PM)Revixit Wrote: Maybe you should mention how many hours a week, or month, you spend on chanting.  People are always impressed by the investment of time and if you word it right, you can avoid calling it a 'hobby,' which shouldn't diminish something but does.

It is indeed a rather time-consuming thing. Properly, chant is my apostolate, but I do have fun with it. The article is a good warning for me. Fortunately, I have real hobbies; I know there are plenty of young trads who actually have no significant interests outside of trad-dom. So, blogging about theology or liturigcal rubrics (not a bad thing in itself) is pretty much all they do for fun.

FatherCekada Wrote:The article is stream-of-consciouness, pompous, pseudo-profound twaddle, typical of the gassy "theologizing" found almost everywhere in post-V2 religious writing.

That actually was my initial impression, but I wanted to give the author the benefit of the doubt for good intentions.

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