Any CAF Refugees Here?
Does anyone have experience with Catholic Answers Forum?  I've tried to play by their rules in the 'Traditional Catholic' forum but it seems like a losing battle.  Should I give up or can anyone offer advice as to how to survive there.
My advice is to shake the dust from your sandals.
I was on CAF for a while (my post count was somewhere over 1,200) but I recently gave up. Are you called "Ockham" over there, as well? I remember you; I enjoyed your posts.
Yes, I am 'Pius IX' on CA.  I quit posting on there because I would see trads get banned for nothing, or making even the mildest critique of Vatican II, yet - there is a poster there named 'chosen people', a jew who does nothing but rag on the Catholic Church.  No bans for him, but plenty of bans for faithful Catholics.
(10-08-2010, 01:31 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: My advice is to shake the dust from your sandals.

I second this.  CAF is not interested in the Truth.  They have an agenda, and traditionals fit into it only so far as they can make a mockery of them.  They also have their own brand of justice, which does not include traditionals.  Their own brand of charity as well.

There is a general rule not to bash on other forums here.  So, let's leave it at something like this:  CAF, and especially a certain moderator there, is not exactly trad-friendly; there is a bias in my experience, and that's a conclusion most trads come to.

So, if you want to say you left CAF, OK, but let's not pile on.  It's clear they have issues with trads.  Enuff said.

I also was on CAF and left for the same reasons the previous posters.
I still go on the site to browse, but I rarely ever post. The "Hired Guns" that crawl out whenever any Traditional topic is posted drive me nuts. The assaults are quick and continuous. There are some foloks over there that are terrified of a return to anything approaching Traditional Catholisism. I have also had several posts disapear when the mods were not happy that I was winning my argument.
I have the same username on CAF  I still browse and occasionally post, but I think the biggest "area for improvement" for them is to not allow non-Catholics and heretics to join.  I don't see what value is added to a forum to allow those who don't agree with the Church's teachings to post.

As annoyed as I get with certain members of this forum from time to time, it isn't a match for the level of annoyance that I get when arguing with heretics on a supposedly Catholic forum.
This thread is using the word "refugee" in an interesting way.

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