Today, October 9, is the Feast Day of Blessed John Henry Newman

Cardinal John Henry Newman, the great Catholic convert of the 19th century, was just beatified by Pope Benedict XVI Sept. 19, and already the Church is celebrating his feast day — tomorrow.

Unlike most saints’ feast days, Blessed John Henry Newman’s does not fall on the anniversary of his death (entry into eternal life) but his conversion to the Catholic faith.

“It catches us a little by surprise because he was just beatified,” said Father Juan Velez, co-author with Mike Aquilina of a new book about Newman, Take Five: Meditations with John Henry Newman (OSV). “By next year, I hope more people will celebrate his feast day.”

In particular, Father Velez, who has worked at several university chaplaincies over the course of his 12 years as a priest, hopes that Newman centers at secular colleges and universities will celebrate the Oct. 9 feast day.

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This caught me by surprise, I just happened to see a link to the story at New Advent.
I hadn't heard anything about his feast day coming so soon after his beatification so it doesn't seem to have been promoted much…  I wonder if it's common practice to take a convert's date of conversion as his feast day?  If it is, I'd guess it's pretty recent practice.  St. Augustine was a convert, after all, and I think his feast day is probably the date of his death.  The calendar wasn't too crowded in those days.


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