40 days for life vigils
I've been invited to spend time at the 40 days for life vigil in my area.  I am starting to consider going for a spell or two, but the idea really scares me in general.  Maybe it's just that I've seen way too many videos of pro-life protesters being dragged off or beaten and brutalized by police.  I also feel really vulnerable about the whole thing, since my emotions are pretty raw about the subject of abortion in general.

Maybe I should be embracing the penitential aspects of going to a vigil.  Has anyone else attended any of these?  What was the experience like?
Yes, I just got home from it.  Here in my town there are abortions on Fridays and Saturdays. I have been putting in a number of hours. We are 'prayer partners' with the 40 Days.

I encourage all to participate!

Yes, it is rather scary at first.  You get past it!  Today we thought the thousands of cars that went by were much more in favor with honks and thumbs up. But, yet, you get another finger pointing to heaven too. And rude words. The words cannot really hurt us. I pray for those that do that.  But there were lots of cars pulling in today to destroy their children. Big cars. Mercedes, Hummers, Lexus, Infinity, expensive cars---it is not about money or being poor here. They have money but they will not share their lives with a child--inconvenient and unwanted.  And I am sure there is a fear on the part of many young women. But the damage to them from abortion is life long.  We must give public witness. Sometimes that is enough. Last week the mom of twins decided not to abort. The boyfriend told us it was because of us. And we are not even allowed near the door to talk to them. But our praying presence speaks volumes.

We need to give public witness. For decades we have been largely silent--personally opposed if you will.  We cannot remain so in the face of this great evil. God is calling you to give this witness too. You can do it!  You will not be alone.  We really do not get to do sidewalk counseling but I just took the Justice for All training on campus to I am more prepared to talk now.

We had college students join us today from three universities--one from 35 miles and another from 65 miles away.  They gave a great witness.  We need to support our 40 Days for Life campaigns. It IS making a difference.  Read the updates on www.40daysforlife.com  We cannot remain incognito Catholics.  (and let the other churches outshine our effots!)


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