Bishop Kapellari: Liturgy is Not Modelling Wax For the Individual
Graz Bishop: 'Newly intensive efforts for the spirit and the form of Liturgy' necessary - Liturgy is not to be given over to the creative desire of individuals.

Brixen ( Does the Mass have a future?  "Naturally", explained the Graz Diocesan Bishop Egon Kapellari on his Sunday Sermon in the Cathedral of Brixen on the close of the "International Brixen Symposium 2010", "because the Church has a future and because the Church and the Mass belong inseparably together.

In any case there will be starting today "newly intensive efforts about the spirit and the form of the Liturgy."  Thusly, the religion may not be given over to the creative desire of individuals as a matter of fact: "Liturgy is not modeling wax at the disposal of individuals", said Kapellari.
It will be interesting to see what this Bishop does, but he's not a friend of Tradition.  Perhaps he can be tipped the other way?

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