New "Personal Parish" for Latin Mass
Hello everyone!
I have not been on here for awhile due to stringent internet usage policies at work.  However, I attended the blessing of a new church this weekend, Mater Dei in Irving, TX, and I thought many of you would find this interesting.
This Church was recently established, with permission of the Diocese of Dallas, as a personal parish for exclusive use of the "Extraordinary Form" liturgy.  The priests (2 in residence) are FSSP.
The building used to be a protestant (insert applicable term), so naturally it has been remodelled.
A great joy for Dallas area traditional Catholics.  The blessing and Mass were very beautiful and reverent, and the choir was marvellous.  The bishop did the blessing and the homily, and was "in choro" for the Mass.
More info and pictures of the new church at this blog:
Good news. I'm mad that the Fraternity hasn't come down to San Antonio, though. We're the 8th largest city in the United States and have way more Catholics. Come on.
And such a nice city!  Don't you guys have the Anglican use liturgy there? 

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