another wedding question
I, too, cannot offer advice, but will pray for you to make the right decision..... however, I'm  a bit confused... would it be more sinful to attend a wedding held at a secular venue, like a hotel, beach, park, etc.  or to attend a full-blown Catholic church wedding, where perhaps neither the bride nor the groom were 'good' Catholics?  For example, you are friends with the groom or brides parents.. you know they are reverent, practicing Catholics... they invite you to their childs wedding -- is there some kind of litmus test as to whether or not wedding attendance is acceptable?  or does the mere fact that it is inside a Church make everything ok?  I know of friends who haven't gone to church in years find a parish, pay the priest, and have a wedding in the church... some even a full Mass, not just the wedding ceremony part.... they have no more intention of attending Mass there than the couple who claim to be agnostics and get married at the local banquet facility.... just wondering....

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