Was Jesus perfect in his human deeds?
(10-22-2010, 01:46 PM)Penelope Wrote: I've got a question. What about the idea that the laws of mathematics are an extension of God's nature? If Christ is God (which, of course, he is) and mathematics are an extension of God's nature, would it make sense that Christ could perform mathematical calculations perfectly? Perhaps that doesn't logically follow, I'm not sure. But it's a question that popped into my mind as I read this thread.

Our math is merely a mental representation/abstraction of reality. The symbols and conventions we use are not necessarily set in stone. We are limited by our expressions.

And, given that it is known there are unknowns in math, there are probably errors. Jesus could answer anything (people's sins, the future, people's intents, etc) and could use human language, so He could use math as far as it was useful. So in this regard, He could make "errors" because the errors were inherent in the math used (if it is the type we use), but the answer would be correct in the situation. So Jesus measuring for word work (I don't really know how measuring was done at the time) might reflect the errors in the measuring method used and the material inconsistency because He was human and as God allowing Himself to live as a Human, so perhaps material acts were not supernaturally done, but to say this was a mistake would be incorrect. It is humility. It would be like using Newtonian formulas for measuring gravity. It is incorrect, and we know it, but it is used in many situations because it works for the purpose. If the limitations of a means are known and accepted, then a choice to use those means would not mean that the results were in error, but that they were what was needed.

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