Was Jesus perfect in his human deeds?
(10-17-2010, 07:57 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: I've been thinking about this too.

Could Jesus do calculus?

Answers to questions like this (and the OP's) depend on what school of theology you follow.  Basically, you have the scholastics and the new, Conciliar theologians.  The first say that Christ had to be supreme in all things were fitting.  Thus, because of His supreme human intellect, He could deduce all things humanly possible to know via the things that He had limited contact with.  Therefore, yes, by the time He was a certain age He would have known calculus and been able to do calculus (do you do calculus?) better than any person before or after Him.

The new theologians say Jesus had ignorance on a lot of things.

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