Was Jesus perfect in his human deeds?
(10-22-2010, 03:09 PM)SoCalLocal Wrote: How can one increase in wisdom if one is already omniscient ?

Christ's human mind came to knowledge via three different ways.  1) The Beatific Vision  2)  Infused Knowledge  3) Acquired Knowledge

  Christ had the beatific vision even while He was on earth.  He stood face to face in the presence of the Father always, even while here.  Insofar as He gazes upon the face of God, He knows all things in actuality.  Infused knowledge is knowledge given to man directly from God which man could not have come to on his own.  This is the sort of knowledge the prophets would receive.  Christ, being chief among all men, had this knowledge in fullness (again, all knowledge of things in actuality) and during every moment of His life.  Acquired knowledge is the kind of knowledge that we normally encounter.  It is human reason unaided directly by the divine.  Christ grew in this kind of knowledge only.  We know that there are certain things which a normal human mind cannot know at 4 that it can know at 40.  Christ always had all knowledge that was possible to be had by the unaided human mind in any given age He was in.  Therefore, speaking solely about acquired knowledge, Christ knew more things via His unaided human reason at age 20 than He would have at age 2.  In this alone did He grow in wisdom.  The Patristics and Scholastics reaffirm this.

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