Was Jesus perfect in his human deeds?
(10-17-2010, 07:28 PM)Rosarium Wrote:
(10-17-2010, 06:13 PM)justlurking Wrote: If Jesus had played darts Would he always hit the exact center of the dartboard?

I begun to think about this after reading about the languages Jesus spoke, (aramaic, hebrew, and perhaps greek and some latin) I always thought Jesus knew all languages that have ever existed, exist or will exist since he is all powerful all knowing God.

Yes, Jesus was perfect in all things. However, this sort of common activity shouldn't be considered.

God became Man, to live and die, for our sake. So, he was a perfect infant, a perfect child and a perfect man.

Jesus would have known all languages (indeed, the apostles are recorded as speaking them all at once), however, knowing many languages was common in that area. After all, speaking Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin would be not uncommon (well, Latin would have been rarer in that area, as that part of the Roman Empire spoke Greek mostly due to historical influence) as native speakers of those languages are in the scriptures.

His divine intellect indeed possessed awareness of all knowledge.

But He does not appear to have ever allowed this to have been actualized in His human nature until His mother approached him at the wedding at Cana (with the single exception of the incident in Jerusalem when He was 12).

I am partial to the way Fr. Frank Sheed explicates this mystery in his book To Know Christ Jesus.  It's the best book on Christ I've ever read, probably because it was originally written in 20th century American English for a 20th century American audience (of the cozy old 1950s no less). :)

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