Are you gluten free or know someone who is?
Hi Wallflower,
I was diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago, december. We had a tough time adjusting at first, but I've been gluten free since december 19th, 2007. May I suggest my favorite forum for those with cd? The celiac disease online support group is a great place ( I've become a fan of Blue Diamond's Nut Thins and Redbridge. I'd also suggest a good book that helped when I was losing weight dramatically & sick all the time: A Personal Touch On Celiac Disease, edited by Peter R. Berlin and Jerry Stone. I borrowed it from my library when I suspected I had cd, but hadn't yet been tested. I hope that helps. Oh, and, you'll want to talk to your family about getting tested. Any joe walking down the street has a 1 in 122 chance of having it, but if you have a first degree relative with it, the odds go to 1 in 22. I'm the oldest of four boys, three of whom have it. And so far, at least two of my kids do, too.

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